Competitive Advantage

Among the service providers described above, only professionally managed MFIs have the dual mission of reaching the poorest and operating profitably. Other efforts are concentrated in a single location, are specifically designed to work for a fixed period of years, or do not employ the discipline and management skills required to work with the poorest successfully, or as is the most common, do not identify this population as a potential clients due to their economic conditions. Among professionally managed microfinance institutions, "ADS Foundation" has distinct competitive advantages, which give it the ability to expand outreach while maintaining high portfolio quality:

Operational Efficiency :

Real-time portfolio monitoring with detail down to the village level and highly controlled operating processes to enable quick rollout.

High Quality Personnel :

Tech-savvy field staff mirrors the borrowers, creating strong customer relationships and highly motivated staff.

Culture of Innovation :

Continuous process of innovating through technology, operations and management to provide flexible services and to achieve scale cost-effectively manner.