Grievance Redressal Mechanism

Aanya development services designs the products on the basis of its client's feedback and its delivery system uncompleted and easily accessible product outreach for the clients.

  • Geography:

    When Aanya development services opens the branch it takes into consideration that the area is not overly penetrated.

  • Credit Bureau:

    We share client's data with the credit bureau (Equifax & Highmark) to check their level of indebtedness. This is done centrally by the credit department. While making any credit decision, if a client has loan from 2 separate MFIs then Aanya development services will not be the third lender to that client.

  • Training of field staff:

    The branch staffs are given training to make necessary enquiries with regard to existing debt of the borrowers and ensure the repayment capacity of the borrowers. They triangulate the information on informal sources of credit from the clients.

  • Cash flow analysis:

    Cash flow analysis is done by the relationship officers while filling up loan application form of the clients. The same details are being cross-checked by the branch managers during the GRT.

  • Client Training and awareness:

    Client's awareness on the ill effects of over-indebtedness is enhanced through financial literacy during the 3 days CGT.

  • Aanya development services discloses complete information to clients associated with their loan products such as interest amount, number of instalments, instalment amount, loan processing fee, insurance premium etc. The client's passbook contains a list of all the charges that a client incurs.

  • Mechanisms for grievance redressal are in place like Helpline customer care Number, Complaint Registers at branches and Contact details of branch managers and area managers are being provided to the clients.

  • Aanya development services has been following client protection principle since inception and it keeps updating with the latest guidelines to improve quality of lending, transparency, grievance redressal, ethical behaviour and client protection.

  • Induction trainings are given to field officers on Fair Practice code, Code of Conduct, Staff Code of Conduct and Client Protection principle to ensure respectful treatment of clients and fair collection practices.

  • Supervisory level checks and internal audits are in place to monitor aspects of ethical behaviour and conduct with clients.

  • During the CGT, clients are being informed that Aanya development services will treat their information as private and confidential

  • MIS access is rights enabled via a unique employee password which can be accessed by the particular employee only.

  • Hard copies of client's files are stored in a central warehouse which can only be accessed by the IT head and with his approval.

  • Aanya development services has helpline customer care number for client grievance redressal and it is printed on the loan card, on the website and displayed at branches as well.

  • Complaint registers at branches are available for clients to record their grievances.

  • Clients are provided with contact numbers of Relationship officers, Branch managers and Area managers in case they have any complaint.

  • Field officers are given training on how to educate clients about Grievance redressal mechanism.

  • Clients are being educated each day during Compulsory Group Training (CGT) on different channels of grievance redressal system as well as escalation processes.

  • There is a 'Grievance Redressal Officer' at the head office that listens to the complaints and records the details in the grievance log. Concerned branch manager are informed about the grievance received with a copy marked respective heads. The turnaround time (TAT) for grievances is one week. On receipt of revert from the concerned BM, the AM/DM study the resolution and the same is communicated to the clients and the complaints marked appropriately closed.


We have a Grievance Redressal Cell which handles the grievance of clients over phone (There is a customer care number:- 7408088889).


After receiving the grievance from client, Grievance Redressal Cell allots them a ticket number for further reference and then the same is escalated to concerned operational officer through the email.


The business unit heads has to ensure that the grievance has been resolved within 14 working days from the date when they receive the grievance.


After receiving the mail from concerned business unit, Grievance Redressal Cell reverts back to the client within 24Hrs. To cross check with clients to close the ticket number.